Year Round Operations


Municipal Services is responsible for maintaining roadside drainage, including road approach and centerline culverts. Typical of most projects, work includes re-establishing ditch bottoms by removing silt and vegetative growth and replacing aged or failed culverts.


Municipal Services is also responsible for the installation, repair, and replacement of centerline and road approach culverts (less than 1500 mm in size).

New installations, where road approaches are requested, are the responsibility of the applicant and supply can be found at local vendors. The County does not sell nor supply culvert. The County funds repairs and replacements through the annual Operating Budget.

One of the more important tasks for Public Works is maintaining the network of traffic control and information signs throughout the County of Newell. Operations maintains approximately 1000 regulation signs, 2500 warning signs and 3400 informational signs.  This work is completed by the maintenance team with a sign truck designed to carry necessary tools and materials to install signs all year round. All regulation signs are installed as per Alberta Transportation Highway Signs Guidelines and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada.

The County appreciates the public reporting signs are missing or down, as this may create potential hazardous conditions and must be corrected.  For missing sign please call County office at 403-794-2311.

Rural address signs are not maintained by the County, please click here for more information.

The Public Works Department in cooperation with the Agricultural Services Department oversees and carries out tree cutting and brush reduction in areas where motorist visibility is reduced, regular operations are adversely affected, and where snow drifting is problematic.

Additionally, the County encourages residents to maintain private vegetation.