Become a Volunteer Firefighter

Are you looking to volunteer your time for a service that is essential to the lives and safety of those living within the County of Newell? Perhaps joining one of the 10 Fire Departments within our County may be right for you. 

To become a volunteer firefighter, you need to be:

  • 18 years of age or older;
  • Have a valid class 5 driver's license;
  • Willing to learn how to become a firefighter through training nights and external training courses provided;
  • Have the drive to serve your community and be that person others can depend on;
  • Come with a positive attitude and enthusiasm to help your neighbours, friends, and strangers when an emergency situation arises; and, 
  • Be a Canadian Citizen, or have Landed Immigrant Status.  

We will provide you with:

  • How to become a firefighter through practice sessions;
  • Provide proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); 
  • Show you how to perform tasks safely and efficiently; and, 
  • Prepare you for the challenges and demands of serving as a volunteer firefighter.

If the opportunity to become part of the team of dedicated volunteers, who provide this vital community-based service interests you, please call at 403-794-2298 to find out how you can become a Volunteer Firefighter.

Download the Volunteer Firefighter Application Form

Be part of the excitement. Be part of the tradition. Be part of the community. Be a volunteer firefighter.