The County of Newell conducted a study on all 1500 Km’s of Gravel Roads in its boundaries in 2012. The Study assigned classifications to roadways:

  • Arterial Roads are defined as the main thoroughfares outside of those of highways. Arterial roads have the highest traffic volumes on gravel surfaced roads and serve traffic traveling to and from Provincial and County paved highways, between communities, and are key in commodity transport to market.
  • Collectors Roads are defined as the names suggest. These roads collect traffic and funnel it to arterial roads.
  • Non-Key Local Roads are all gravel roads not identified as Arterial or Collector.

The study summarized a number of roads requiring reconstruction. Reconstruction will see roads brought up to County standards to accommodate the type of traffic for which the road is used, based on classification including accommodation of future use. Annually the reconstruction program proposed to Council for approval during the budget process.

If at any time individuals wanting to construct a new road on an undeveloped road allowance within the County of Newell, coordination with the Municipal Services Department is mandatory. By contacting Municipal Services, the terms and conditions that will apply to the development of the road will be identified, including the process which must be followed during the construction phase.

For more information, please contact the Municipal Services Department at 403-794-2311.

The County of Newell Paving Plan was developed by County Council and Administration through review of a gravel road study completed by AMEC Earth and Environmental in 2001. The plan identified key gravel roads throughout the County that would be better served as paved connectors between hamlets, villages, and towns, as well as other paved surfaces.

Originally, the plan was set to take place over a ten (10) year period, however with the introduction of the County of Newell Water Project a portion of tax revenue previously dedicated from general revenues to paving was redirected to the water project.

Outstanding paving projects that have been suggested through the study are listed below, and a map outlining the location of proposed improvements can be found by clicking here.


County of Newell Paving Priorities
HWY 1AHWY 875HWY 8768.86
TWP RD 17-2 - Including HWY 1A to TilleyHWY 1HWY 87613.1
North/South Truck RouteHWY 542TR 18-4
RGE RD 15-5 SouthHWY 1TR 19-0A7.76
East/West Truck RouteHWY 873HWY 1A
RGE RD 17-5 (Lathom Road)TR 20-2HWY 14.83
TWP RD 20-2 (Lathom Road)RR 17-3RR 17-53.22
RGE RD 17-3 (Lathom Road)TR 19-2TR 20-29.66
TWP RD 19-2 (Lathom Road)RR 17-1RR 17-33.22
RGE RD 17-1 (Lathom Road)TR 19-0ATR 19-23.22
TWP RD 19-0 (Lathom Road)RR 17-1RR 17-11.21
RGE RD 17-1 (Lathom Road)TR 18-4TR 19-03.22
RGE RD 17-1 (Lathom Road)SH 539TR 18-49.66
TWP RD 18-4 (Antelope Creek Road)RR 16-4RR 17-14.83