Launching in March of 2024, recCONNECT. connecting people & recreation 

recCONNECT will be your one-stop digital platform for reserving and paying for facilities located within the County. To both County residents and non-residents, our diverse venues and programs are available for everyone and perfect for everything from social gatherings, meetings, arts & crafts, to family events, holiday parties, and sporting events. We aim to bridge County residents and visitors with the incredible spaces we offer. Whatever the occasion, recCONNECT has the ideal location for you! 

Efficiency: Centralizing reservations eliminates the hassle of manual booking & reducing administrative burdens.

Accessibility: Residents and visitors can easily view available facilities, their features, and book them at their convenience, 24/7.

Increased Usage: A user-friendly platform can boost the visibility of under-utilized facilities, leading to increased bookings and revenue. This revenue can then be put back into that facility.

Community Engagement: By showcasing available facilities and programs, the community becomes more aware and engaged in local offerings.

County facilities and venues, please reach out to Catherine Siakaluk, Communications Officer, to find out more information on how you can get involved in this exciting new initiative.

403-794-2325 or