Newell Connect

The County of Newell is excited to announce that the #myCountyofNewell contest is live and ready to start collecting photos and service requests.  

Contest runs from December 1, 2023 at NOON to March 29, 2024 at NOON:

  • All service requests submitted through Newell Connect will be eligible to win one of three prizes. 
  • Submit photos through Newell Connect under the #myCountyofNewell category.  
  • A People’s Choice winner will be chosen from all the photos submitted.
  • Click the heart on any photos you love and vote as many times as you want.   

The more photos and service requests submitted, the better your chances to win! Each submission is eligible to win ONE prize.

Wondering how to submit a service request through Newell Connect? Click HERE.

More information, contest rules, and regulations and a list of prizes to be won can be found HERE.

For instructions on how to vote for your favorite photo to receive the People's Choice Award click HERE.

Troubleshooting tips for submitting a photo in the #myCountyofNewell contest

  • If you select your photo location within the Dinosaur Park, Bassano, Duchess, Rosemary, or Brooks boundaries the #myCountyofNewell option will not appear. Move the location marker to the closest spot outside of these boundaries and the option will then be available. Please note: All photos taken within these areas are still eligible for the contest.
  • If the size of the photo is too large you will not be able to submit it. 

Good luck to everyone!