Municipal Development Plan Review

Project Background 

The County of Newell has engaged ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd. (ISL) to develop a new Municipal Development Plan (MDP) to provide strategic direction to guide future growth and development within the County. The MDP forecasts population growth, directs future land use, and anticipates future transportation and servicing needs within the County. 

Why a new MDP?

A new MDP will provide an updated vision for the County on how to accommodate local growth and will serve as an important decision-making tool for Council, County Administration, and stakeholders. The new MDP will also help residents and landowners better understand the County’s long-term plan for the region and how their land may be used now and, in the future, and ensure that growth and land-development decisions meet the needs of the community.

This comprehensive review and update will ensure that the MDP properly frames future growth and development to the County’s vision. The desired outcome is a document that is easy to follow and implement while being mindful of changing conditions. 

Public Hearing

A Public Hearing is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 25th, 2023 during the regular Council meeting. Its purpose is to hear from any person, group of persons or person representing them who claims to be affected by the proposed bylaw. Public hearings are conducted in accordance with the regulations of the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

Final Draft

The Final Draft of the Municipal Development Plan has been given First Reading under Bylaw 2057-23, with amendments.

Click here to view the Final Draft
Click here to view the Circulation Draft  

Current MDP

The County of Newell’s current Municipal Development Plan was adopted by Bylaw 1705-10 in September of 2010.  

Bylaw 1705-10 – Municipal Development Plan 

Topic Sheets

The Topic Sheets were prepared to help promote conversation and provided some context to the project when preparing draft MDP policies.

MDP Evolution of Agriculture
MDP Future of our Hamlets
MDP Future State of Renewables
MDP Local Economy in Twenty Years

MDP Draft Boards

MDP Draft Boards

Project Timeline

The Final Draft of the MDP has been shared with our urban and rural municipal neighbours and relevant agencies for a preliminary period of review; providing an opportunity for submitting comments or concerns relating to the proposed update of the MDP. 

First Reading was given to Bylaw 2057-23 on Thursday, April 20th, 2023. A Public Hearing is being advertised for the Thursday, May 25th, 2023 Council Meeting, the earliest date it can be held. 

Where Are We Now?

The MDP update is in its Finalization and Adoption Phase, where the draft MDP is being created, and formal circulation to all relevant agencies is being done. The finalization of the MDP is being undertaken, and First Reading will occur prior to the holding of a Public Hearing. Only after Second and Third Reading by Council will the MDP be adopted by bylaw, thus rescinding the current MDP adopted under Bylaw 1705-10.

Public Consultation

Throughout the process of preparing the new MDP, residents and stakeholders have had many opportunities to share their input on MDP content through various engagement methods. They include: an online community survey conducted in September 2022, an in-person Open House held in December 2022, and a virtual Open House and survey that was made available in December 2022 through to the end of January 2023.

Thank You! 

To all the residents and stakeholders who have provided feedback, visited the virtual Open House, reviewed information, and shared the project with others. Your contributions are helping us to prepare an MDP that is better suited for the wants and needs of the people who call the County of Newell their home and/or place of work, now and in the future. 

Contact Information 

For any questions, comments, or additional information about this project, please contact: 

Zacharie Forest 
Municipal Intern – Planning
County of Newell
(T) 403-794-2314