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Please make sure that you allow pop-ups for the County website and click the download arrow to open documents.  If pop-ups are blocked the file downloads will not open.

 Electronic Map Files for Download:   

Landowner Maps


 Road Maps


 Boundary Maps


Tourism Maps

2023 Landowner Wall Map (42.3MB)2023 RoadsCouncil Divisions Visitor's Guide
 Grader Operations Invasive PlantsEmerson Bridge Park
2023 Map Book - Front Cover (2 Pages)Plow Routes Emerson Bridge Park - Online 360 Tour
2023 Map Book - Table of ContentsRoad Paving Plan

2023 Map Book - 11x17 Road Map 

2023 Map Book - 11x17 Electoral Divisions Map

2023 Map Book - 11x17 Emergency Services Map

2023 Map Book - 11x17 Wildlife & Camping Map 

2023 Map Book - Main Index Map + TWPs Legend

2023 Map Book - County Wide (80 Pages)

2023 Map Book - Main Parcel Owner Index (16 Pages)

2023 Map Book - Numbered Parcels Index  (14 Pages)

2023 Map Book - Appendix A - Hamlets Index + Hamlet Index Map (2 Pages)

2023 Map Book - Hamlets (22 Pages incl. Legend)

2023 Map Book - Hamlets Parcel Owners Index (8 Pages)

2023 Map Book - Appendix B - Multi-lot Subdivisions Index + Map (2 Pages)

2023 Map Book - Multi-lot Subdivisions - Landowners Maps (61 Pages incl. Legend)

2023 Map Book - Multi-lot Subdivisions Parcel Owners Index (7 Pages)

2023 Map Book - County of Newell Council (2 Pages)

Map Pricing (Printed Copies)

Existing County Maps or Printing of Web Map Screen Shots (Per Page)
>11 x 17 Regular Paper$25.00
>11 x 17 Water Resistant Paper$35.00
Land Owner Map Book$75.00
< 11" x 17" Regular Paper$5.00
< 11" x 17" Laminated$10.00

Custom Maps/GIS Services

If you are needing information that is not listed, please contact the GIS Department by email or by phone 403-362-3266. Custom map fees are outlined in the Schedule of Fees Bylaw.

Production Costs

Minimum 1/2 hr Charge
Plus Printing Costs if applicable

GIS Imagery

$100.00/Quarter of a Township*
*Plus cost of GIS Services to compile the imagery
*Plus Materials/Media (Prices listed below)
*Plus Shipping Costs (Prices listed below)

GIS Data

*Not for sale to the public

Media Costs

Flash Drive
Media Sizes

Printing Costs

Common Printing SizesDimensions  
Printing Costs
A216.5" x 23.275"420mm x 594mm$10.00
16.5" x 23.275"
420mm x 594mm
23.375" x 33.125"549mm x 841mm$12.00
23.375" x 33.125"
549mm x 841mm
A033.125" x 46.8125"841mm x 1188mm$15.00
33.125" x 46.8125"
841mm x 1188mm
Wall Map Size42" x 58"1066.8mm x 1473.2mm$20.00
Wall Map Size
42" x 58"
1066.8mm x 1473.2mm

Extra Long Map Costs

Maps longer than 1.5m will be charged an additional $10.00 for every extra metre of length.  
(i.e. publication of 2.5m long will cost $30.00.  ($20 for 1.5m + $10 for extra 1m)

Paper width available is up to 42" (1066.8mm)


Rolled Map
$50.00 minimum
or Courier Fees
Map Book$15.00 minimum
Other Map Products$5.00 minimum
NOTE - Mailing cost for maps and booklets are subject to Canada Post Rates. 
Additional charges will be applied if actual postage costs exceed the above rates.

Open Source Data

The County of Newell is a proud member of Alberta Municipal Data Sharing Partnership (AMDSP).  AMDSP offers open source data through their website