Water Project (CNWP)

The County of Newell Water Project is an initiative to provide potable water service to all rural homes and businesses in the County of Newell.  Water is supplied via a trickle type system at a rate of 300 gallons per day.  Landowners receiving water will be required to have a cistern or other storage tank system for the water to be delivered.  From there they will be required to re-pressurize it for use in their homes and businesses.  

Registration for Phase 2 of the County of Newell Water Project closed September 30, 2022, with a total of 440 locations registered. 

The contract has been awarded to Syncore Directional Drilling and this will see 132 locations serviced by the spring of 2023.  The location of this contract is immediately north and west of Brooks.  This area was selected due to density of service locations, and minimal Regulatory approval requirements to start construction. 

It is expected that the remaining 314 locations will be serviced by the Spring of 2024 and include 3-4 additional contracts. Once contracts have been finalized, and a schedule is available it will be posted here.  Be sure to check back often!