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The Calgary Stampede Farm Family Awards is a program sponsored by the BMO Bank of Montreal to recognize 20 Southern Alberta families for their outstanding contributions to Alberta’s agricultural sector. Families who receive the award are chosen for the honor by their local Agricultural Service Boards based on the difference they have made to the farming community. The awards highlight agricultural innovation, skilled business acumen and commitment to environmental stewardship as well as Western heritage and family ideals.
If you have any suggestions for nominees for next year please contact Todd Green, Director of Agricultural Services. Email, or by phone 403-794-2336.
Requirements for the Farm Family awards are:
  • Farm families must be actively involved in both agriculture and their communities
  • Agriculture must provide the major source of income
  • Must be active in primary agriculture and have members residing on farm

Past Winners

2019 - Philpott Honey

2018 - Steven & Judy Skanderup

2017 - Will Henrickson

2016 - Rommens Family Farms

2015 - Brookside Farms Ltd.
2014 - Sereda Family Farms

2012 - Irwin Ranches - Julia, Todd and John Irwin
2011 - Niznik Farms - Bruce and Jodi Niznik
2010 - Hemsing Homestead - Tracey and Michelle Hemsing
2009 - Loewen Family - Dan and Marg Loewen
2008 - Barg Farms - Fred and Doug Barg

2007 - Rommens Farms Ltd. - Wendell Rommens
2006 - Kokay Farms Ltd. - David and Kathlyn Peltzer
2005 - Steinbach Ranching - Bernard and Ruth Steinbach
2004 - Armstrong Ranches 
2003 - Lazy A Farms Ltd.
2002 - Burton Farms
2001 - Fabian Seed Farms
2000 - Ernest and Anne Walde
1999 - Not available
1998 - South Slope Feeders Ltd.
1997 - Pickett Ranching Ltd.
1996 - Doerksen Farms
Each year the County of Newell offers the Rural Beautification program. In this program residents that own more than a one-acre yard and maintain it in an aesthetically pleasing manner have the opportunity to be recognized for their efforts. 
Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2023 Rural Beautification Program. Congratulations to our winners: 

1st Place Scott and Kristi Good

2nd Place Ken and Dollie Link

3rd Place Devon and Candice Buteau

To view our 2023 Rural Beautification Tour booklet, click here.

For more information about this program, check out our Rural Beautification Policy.


To view the Rural Beautification Booklets of Winning Yards from 2005 to present, click here. To view a list of more previous winners, click here.