2021 Municipal Election

The next Municipal Election for the County of Newell will be held on Monday, October 18, 2021.  
Advance Voting will be held on October 2 &13, 2021.
See Voter Information for more information including locations and ID requirements.

The Nomination Period for the 2021 Local Authorities Election opened Jan. 1, 2021 and
remained open until 12:00 PM (noon) local time on Nomination Day (September 20th, 2021).

2021-08-09 Senate Election and Referendum Proclamation (E-21-1216)

2021-09-22 Candidates Nomination Information (Submitted to Elections Database) 

Electoral Divisions Map

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2021 Municipal Election - OFFICIAL RESULTS

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1 (Rolling Hills)Short, Dan82ELECTED

Stabbler, David57

2 (Tilley)Skanderup, Adena Marien/a

3 (Patricia/Millicent)Kopp, Lynette86ELECTED

Tryhorn, Rex62

4 (Scandia/Rainier/Bow City)Johnson, Hollyn/a

5 (Cassils/Lake Newell Resort)Albers, Timothy Ian68

Fyfe, Tracy79

Skriver, Gregory (Greg) Peter183ELECTED

6 (Bassano)Christman, Kellyn/a

7 (Rosemary)Horsburgh, Keith M.40

Unruh, Ellen107ELECTED

8 (Duchess)Lake-Schnell, Holly30

Neigum, Terry W.43

Philpott, Amanda81ELECTED

9 (Gem)Doerksen, Arnon/aACCLAIMED

10 (Brooks)Johnson, Neil108ELECTED

Salonka, Nick104

The Brooks & District Chamber of Commerce has created a webpage where you can read candidate profiles - this information will be updated as more profiles are submitted.  https://brooksdistrictchamber.ca/County-Candidates

Layne Johnson
Returning Officer
183037 RR145