Property Tax & Assessment

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Property taxes are collected to cover a portion of the expenses incurred by the County of Newell to provide its programs and services. Each year property taxes change. Tax changes are dependent upon two main factors - the assessed market value of your property and a change in the annual budget requirements.

Click on the link below for a listing of the various tax rates in the County since 2008.

2008-2017 Tax Rates

Late Payment Penalties:

June 16th - 3% Applied Against All Current Taxes
November 16th - 8% Applied Against All Current Taxes
March 1st - 12% Applied Against All Taxes In Arrears

Bylaw 1168-96 Establishment of Tax Penalties

Do you have questions about your property assessment? Wondering why your assessment value is more than your purchase price? Do you disagree with your property assessment? What is a "tax rate”? For answers to these and many more questions regarding your property assessment, please click on the link(s) below.

Answers About Your Property Assessment

Assessment & Tax Information


Education Property Tax Facts & Information


Do you have questions or concerns about your property assessment but are unsure what to do next? Click on the following link for guidelines on the appropriate steps to take concerning your property assessment questions and concerns.

Assessment Appeals Guideline (Updated 2015-03-20)

Click on the following link to access the "Assessment Review Board Complaint Form” needed to officially appeal your property assessment.

Assessment Review Board Complaint Form

Assessment Review Board Complaint Form - Agent Authorization

Has your address changed?  Complete the Address Change Form and return it to the County office in person, by fax 888-361-7921, or email

For questions regarding taxation, please contact the assessment clerk.

Assessment and Taxation Clerk
Shannon Biette