Rural Beautification

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Each year the County of Newell offers a program called Rural Beautification. In this program residents that own more than a one-acre yard and maintain it in an aesthetically pleasing manner have the opportunity to be recognized. 
Nominations for the Rural Beautification program can be made by calling into Agricultural Services Department at the County of Newell office at (403) 794-2311.
Nomination deadline for this program is noon on Monday, July 13th and judging the nominated yards is tentatively schedule for July 20th and July 21st. Unfortunately this year the yard tour has been cancelled.

In order to qualify the yards must meet the following three criteria:
  1. No employees or members of County Council will be eligible.
  2. To qualify, all candidates must maintain their own yard (i.e. no hired gardeners or landscapers).
  3. Yards must be a minimum of one acre in size to qualify.
For more information check out our Rural Beautification Policy.


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