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 2018-10-17  You can now trim your Elm Trees!
The only time it is legal to prune elms in Alberta is between October 1 and March 31. This is when the elm bark beetles, responsible for spreading the deadly DED fungus, are not active. Click here to see more information on the Elm pruning ban.

2018-10-17  Cannibis in the County - Know the Bylaw (1930-18)
According to federal law, the possession and consumption of cannabis may be legal, but all County residents and visitors need to understand that County Bylaw 1930-18 prohibits the consumption of cannabis in all public places throughout the County.  Click here to view the Bylaw (1930-18)


2018-10-05  Hydrant Flushing at Lake Newell Resort

Newell Regional Services Corporation, on behalf of the County of Newell, will be performing hydrant flushing at Lake Newell Resort on Wednesday October 17, 2018.  Due to the high volume of water being flushed at high velocities, you may notice sediment in the water or the water appearing cloudy from the fixtures in your home.  This is not a safety hazard, and the water is still perfectly safe.  To remedy this situation run your taps until the water clears up.

If you have any concerns don’t hesitate to contact Newell Regional Services Corporation at 403-794-4000   


2018-10-05  Council Meeting Video from 20SEP

Did you miss last week's Council Meeting (20SEP)? You can watch it now on YouTube [click here]. See the agenda and skip forward to the parts that interest you. The next Council Meeting scheduled for Thursday, 11OCT.


2018-10-05  Members-at-Large-County Committees

The Council of the County of Newell invites written applications from electors within the County who may wish to sit as a member on one of the following Committees. Available positions are:

County of Newell Library Board

o 1 member residing in either Division 5 (Cassils/Lake Newell Resort) or Division 10 (Brooks)

o 1 member residing in Division 7 (Rosemary)

• 1 member for the Agricultural Pest Act/Weed Control Act Appeal Committee

• 1 member plus alternates for the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board
– successful applicants will be required to undergo formal training provided or arranged by the County.

• 1 member plus alternates for the Assessment Review Board
– Members are appointed to a regional pool for reviewing property assessment appeals that may be launched within the County of Newell, the Town of Bassano, the Village of Duchess, and the Village of Rosemary.


See Application information...


2018-10-04  Hamlet of Lake Newell Resort- Sign Upgrade and Standardization

Did you know as of April 1st, 2018 producers will need to have an Environmental Farm Plan dated within the last 10 years to be eligible for cost-sharing funding with the Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP)? Visit or call 794-2293 for more information.


2018-10-02  Hamlet of Lake Newell Resort- Sign Upgrade and Standardization
The County of Newell will be upgrading Regulatory, Warning and Information signs at Lake Newell Resort. These efforts are being taken to bring signage into compliance with Alberta Transportation Highway Guide and Information Sign Manual. With this planned work this is what you can expect... see more...



2018-09-19 Fire Restriction lowered to Fire Advisory

Good News! The Fire restriction has been downgraded to a Fire Advisory – Fires are allowed, but a public warning advising of extreme caution is issued. Please burn safely! For more information see our Fire bans web page...



2018-09-19 On-Farm Solar Photovoltaics ( OFSPV) Program


-The Solar PV program has a $3.5 M budget for 2018-19
-The program has received over 68 applications to date
-The program has approved less than $2M in applications, so we have over $1.5M still to allocate, and another $3.5 M next fiscal year.
click here for more information


2018-09-19   Farm Energy and Agri-Processing (FEAP) Program

• The producer FEAP program has a $13.5 M budget for 2018-19

• The program has received over 670 applications to date

• Even if we approved everything in the queue we would have over $2.5M still available and another $13.5 M for next fiscal year.

click here for more information 


2018-09-11 Fire Safety- smoking
Never throw out cigarettes into vegetation, landscaping, peat moss, dried grasses, mulch, leaves, garbage and other similar items - they can easily catch fire. See more...



2018-09-11 Back to School safety- driving in School and Playground Zones

School Zones - In urban and rural areas, the speed is 30 km/h unless otherwise posted. 

Playground Zones- The lower speed limit posted is effective starting at 8:30am until one hour after sunset, seven days a week.  See more...


2018-09-11 Tree Planting at Aqueduct Trout Pond - 22SEP 9:00AM - 1 2:00PM

This fall, join thousands of volunteers across Canada to help open doors for a more sustainable tomorrow! Register today at

2018-08-27  Obsolete Pesticide Collection Program
Farmers can safely dispose of unwanted agricultural pesticides and equine/livestock medications at a designated collection site from October 22 – 26.  Brooks collection site is at  CPS on 26OCT.   See more . . .



2018-08-22  Public Notice

The County of Newell would like to engage the public to report all suspicious activities on all gravel roads, specifically in

the Bassano area. Suspicious activities include removing gravel material from the road surface and placing in piles on the

road or in the adjacent ditches.  See Full notice...


2018-08-21 -Local Crime Map-

The County of Newell has joined with other municipalities to show local crime maps to raise awareness about property crime in the area. This will also facilitate interagency collaboration.

Crimes listed will include theft of/ from a motor vehicle, break & enter, mischief and missing persons. If there is an emergency such as a school lockdown, a flag will show up on the map for a brief period of time.

You can view the crime map for our area on the County of Newell Website...


2018-08-13- Public Hearing Notice

THURSDAY, September 6, 2018 11:30 am – County of Newell Council Chambers

Concerns must be submitted in writing to the County no later than 30AUG 4:00 pm
see full notice...



2018-08-08 Upcoming County of Newell Council Meetings

MPC and Council meetings are this Thursday, 09AUG at 10 am.  

There will not be MPC or Council meetings on 23AUG.  

The next regularly scheduled meetings will be 06SEP at 10 am.


2018-08-03 Construction Zone Safety

Motorists in the #County of Newell are encouraged to slow down, be alert and drive safely through construction zones.


 Imagine sitting in your cubicle with cars whizzing by perilously close to your workspace and so fast that you can feel the tailwind. For many of our employees and contractors, these near‐misses are a common occurrence when they are out working on the roadway. When you see construction, please slow down and observe all posted signs and flag persons. Help those working on the roads get home safe to their loved ones.

Everyone hates delays. Here are some tips for helping you avoid them.

  • Sign up for Newell Notify to receive alerts for road construction and closures in the area.
  • Check the 511 Alberta site for information on Provincial Highways (
  • Plan trips with the expectation that travel will take a few minutes longer during the summer construction season.
  • Use alternate routes, especially zones operating over a lengthy period of time. This will reduce traffic congestion and related risks.

Be safe

  • Obey speed limits in construction zones. Sometimes hazards are not visible to the motorists, but still pose a threat.
  • Obey all rules and signs even when people and equipment are not working – these are there for your safety and there may be danger present!
  • Cooperate with other drivers to keep traffic moving smoothly. When traffic needs to merge because of a lane closure, ease into the driving lane early and leave gaps for other vehicles to merge.

When you encounter road construction, slow down for everyone's protection and obey the signs and the flagperson's instructions. Obey the signs even when there are no construction workers on the road, because there may still be some other road hazards present.

Speeding fines are doubled in construction zones. The Government of Alberta also enacted increased speeding fines in construction zones, which now range from $156 to $949. For

more information see Traffic Safety in Alberta.



2018-07-30  Obsolete Pesticide Collection Program
Farmers can safely dispose of unwanted agricultural pesticides and equine/livestock medications at a designated collection site from October 22 – 26

Brooks collection site is at  CPS on 26OCT.   See more . . .



If you would like to take the Rural Beautification Tour to see some of the outstanding rural yards,
please call Joeleen at 403-794-2311. The tour will be on July 27th.



Please be advised that The County of Newell, in conjunction with Alberta Transportation, will be starting construction for the paving of Highway 873 from PR103 to Highway 36, and Highway 535 from Highway 873 east to the existing pavement on Monday 23JUL.

Construction is expected to be ongoing until the end of November. Please expect delays and obey all signage and flag persons so the crews can complete their work safely. Where possible consider using alternative routes.

Should you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Geoff Tiffin, Manager of Engineering Services at 403-794-2311.


How can the County better communicate and provide additional opportunities for the public to provide input?

The County of Newell is developing a Public Participation policy.  This reiterates the County's ongoing commitment to utilizing a variety of public communication methods, in an effort to keep the public informed about matters that may impact them.  

The County is asking the public to review the Public Participation Policy and provide feedback;
- Are there any areas of the policy that require changing?
- How can the County better communicate and provide additional opportunities for the public to provide input?
- Let us know how you like the County to communicate information on issues that may affect you...
(Post info to the website, social media, Newell Notify, notice in newspaper, radio announcement, council discussion, etc)

The County is committed to keeping residents fully informed on County matters.  We appreciate your feedback and thank you for your input.
Please send your feedback to  of call the County office  403-362-3622 no later than 12pm on July 13, 2018.

 view DRAFT of Public Participation Policy here


2018-06-25 -  RURAL BEAUTIFICATION 2018.  Nominate a beautiful yard now!  
Each year the residents in the #CountyofNewell that own more than a one-acre yard and maintain it in an aesthetically pleasing manner have the opportunity to be recognized. Nomination deadline is 16JUL, and judging will take place 19-20JUL. Only three awards  for the entire County.

 2018-06-25- Alberta Dutch Elm Disease Awareness Week June 22- 28 

What you shouldn’t do!
• Do not transport or store elm firewood at any time! DED and the beetles are declared pests under the AB Agricultural Pests Act and this can be enforced.
• Do not transport elm firewood into Alberta! Firewood is confiscated at all the Alberta-Montana border crossings.
• Do not prune elms between April 1 to September 30.

 What you should do!

- Water elms well from April to mid-August.  To allow the tree to harden off for the winter, watering should be stopped mid-August followed by a good soaking or two before freeze-up.
- Report all suspect trees to the DED Hotline at 1-877-837-ELMS.  A confirmed DED tree must be removed immediately to prevent further spread.

learn more...

Dutch Elm

2018-06-21 Fraud Alert from the Alberta Fire Commissioner
In recent weeks several fire departments in the province and their communities have been the subject of fraudulent fundraising activities.  Individuals have been calling residents of the communities and identifying themselves as a member of the local fire department.  The caller would then advise the resident that they were conducting fundraising efforts for the fire department and seeking cash donations.  In all reported instances, the fire departments mentioned were not conducting any fundraising and they do not raise funds in this manner.  The fire departments involved have notified the RCMP and/or Municipal Police and I understand investigations are ongoing.

If our local fire departments are conducting any fundraising activities, they will ensure that messaging is developed to create awareness of those activities for your residents and local media.  The messaging will include contact information so that anyone having any questions or concerns can contact and discuss them with fire department officials. 



When you sign up for Newell Notify you will be notified in case of local emergency... but you can also select other County of Newell information/updates you would like to receive.  Sign up before 15JUN to be entered into a draw for a two-night stay at Emerson Bridge.


2018-06-12  TAX DEADLINE - JUNE 15th
 A penalty of 3% will be levied on all unpaid CURRENT taxes as at 4:30 p.m. JUNE 15th, 2018. To avoid penalties, all CURRENT taxes must be paid by JUNE 15th, 2018.


2018-06-12 Tilley- Hydrant Flushing
The County of Newell, will be flushing hydrants in Tilley on Tuesday June12 and Wednesday June13. If your water appears cloudy, this is normal and does not pose a safety hazard, just run water until clear.  If you have any concerns don’t hesitate to contact Newell Regional Services Corporation at 403-794-4000.


2018-06-05 Lake Newell Resort- Hydrant Flushing
The County of Newell, will be flushing hydrants at Lake Newell Resort on Wednesday 06JUN. If your water appears cloudy, this is normal and does not pose a safety hazard, just run water until clear.

2018-05-30  The Fire Restriction remains in place for the County of Newell.  see more...


No new Fire Permits will be issued until the Fire restriction is lifted.  Any existing permits are hereby cancelled.
No Fires except for approved gas or propane cooking appliances or portable propane fire pits or campfires in designated fire sites within approved campgrounds.  see more...


2018-05-22  Public Works Week - MAY 20-26
Streets, roads, bridges and public transportation keep us linked together. Clean water and sanitation services keep us healthy and allow our communities to grow and prosper. Thanks to all Public Works staff- we appreciate you!



2018-05-14  Rolling Hills Agricultural Day - 14JUN
Workshops on: Farm Financial Literacy, Cattle and Grain Marketing, Succession Planning and more. Livestock and Crop Tours.

Finnegan Ferry Now OPEN


2018-04-27-  STATEMENT OF CLARIFICATION on behalf of Alberta Environment
TDL’s are not the correct authorization for dewatering. An application for an approval under the Water Act must be submitted in accordance with the information requirements of the Dewatering fact sheet.  See more...


2018-04-27 ROAD BAN-
Axel weight restriction 50% - Johnson Estates Subdivision 1, 
from TR191 north to end of road.

Please be advised that Road Ban Committee members were called individually today to discuss imposing a 50% ban on Johnson Estates 1 residential subdivision access road, as per the white line in the attached image. It was agreed by all committee members that the ban will be put into effect immediately today and remain until such time as operations has the road restored and safe for motorists use. We pride ourselves on maintaining roads open for travel however in this instance the situation requires these measures to be taken.

2018-04-20 Canadian Agricultural Partnership & Environmental Farm Plan

In Alberta, CAP will deliver programs developed in consultation with stakeholders, and is organized under five themes: Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change; Products, Market Growth and Diversification; Science and Research; Risk Management; and Public Trust.  more...

If you are applying for a grant- you will require a current Environmental Farm Plan. The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a voluntary, whole farm, self-assessment tool that helps producers identify their environmental risks and develop plans to mitigate identified risks. We are working together with farmers committed to environmental stewardship.  more...

For more information please contact Ag Services at the County of Newell. 
Catherine Christensen 403-794-2293 or email 


2018-04-17 Road Closures  

There are a number of temporary road closures in the County of Newell.  For a current list of closures please see our

 Road Reports, Bans & Temporary Road Closure page


2018-04-16 Partial Road Closure
Please be advised that there is a partial road closure on RR131 North of HWY876. The road will be closed from the Dead End South for approx 230 meters
(shown in blue on map).


2018-04-15 Road Closures  
There are a number of temporary road closures in the County of Newell.  For a current list of closures please see our Road Reports, Bans & Temporary Road Closure page  


2018-04-13 #MyCountyofNewell Photo Contest
We had a great response to #MyCountyofNewell Photo Contest! We need your help to select the People's Choice Winner before we announce the winners! We've selected some of the best ones - click on the link below and vote for your favourite! 


2018-04-12 Road Flooding- Stay Alert!

Due to Spring thaw, some ditches in the County of Newell may be overflowing and causing flooding on roads.  We are placing barricades and signs in known flooded areas.  Drive with caution and let the County know if you see flooded areas without signage.  403-362-3266 


2018-04-12 Dust Abatement 2018
Areas that the County will be applying Calcium has changed for 2018. The County has a policy whereby ratepayers of the County of Newell may make application to have dust abatement applied on the gravelled portion of road in front of their residence. 
Applications must be received not later than April 30, 2018 4:30 p.m. local time.   click here to view rates



2018-04-12 ROAD CLOSURE
Please be advised that TR212 between RR183 and RR184 is closed effective immediately until further notice.



2018-04-11 ROAD CLOSURE 

Please be advised that the following roads will be closed effective immediately until further notice due to deep ruts and soft road conditions, local traffic only:


  1. RR184 from TR210 to TR204
  2. TR212 from RR184 to RR185


2018-03-28  ROAD CLOSURE  (This road still closed APR09 8:40am)

 Please be advised that RR163 between HWY539 and TR184 will be closed until further notice due to water over the road in multiple locations.

2018-04-03  ROAD CLOSURE
Please be advised that  RR184 from TR210 to TR204 will be closed today (Apr 3) from 8:30am to 2:30pm.



2018-03-28  ROAD CLOSURE  
 Please be advised that RR163 between HWY539 and TR184 will be closed until further notice due to water over the road in multiple locations.



Please be advised that  RR184 from TR210 to TR204 will be  close today from 8:30am to 3:00pm, local traffic only. 


2018-03-14  2018 Fire and Emergency Tenders

The County of Newell Fire & Emergency Services is requesting tenders on the following:

-2018 One Ton 4 Wheel Drive 4 Wheel Drive Pickup
-Emergency Vehicle Lighting Package
-Ultra High Pressure Skid Package

 Deadline April 2, 2018 12:00pm. more...


2018-03-02  2018 Herbicide Tender

The County of Newell is requesting tenders on its 2018 chemical needs. Deadline 28MAR 12:00pm. Herbicides are to be delivered any time before May 1, 2018.more...


2018-03-02 10:20AM  ROAD CLOSURE  UPDATE 

This has been extended to 03MAR at 12:00pm

Please be advised that TR192 from HWY873 to RR143 and RR143 from TR192 to TR193 will be closed effective immediately and will be reopened at 12:00pm on March 2, 2018, local traffic only into Evergreen Subdivision.





A penalty of 12% will be levied on ALL unpaid taxes as of 4:30 p.m. FEBRUARY 28th, 2018

An additional charge of $25.00 per parcel will be added on April 1st, 2018 against every parcel of land on which taxes are more than ONE YEAR in arrears.

To avoid penalties, all tax arrears must be paid on or before FEBRUARY 28th, 2018

County of Newell
P.O. Box 130 (183037 RR145)
BROOKS, Alberta
T1R 1B2


Alberta Environmental Farm Plan Renewal Period

As of April 1st, 2018, decided by the Alberta EFP Stakeholder Advisory Committee, producers that have previously completed an Environmental Farm Plan will need to have an EFP completion letter dated within the last 10 years. This letter is necessary to be considered current and eligible for cost-share funding with the Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change programs of the Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP).  more...



The #MyCountyofNewell Photo Contest starts today!  Now that the weather is beautiful, get outside and send us your best pics of the County of Newell. 

Enter through our Newell Connect app.  Click the "Report" button, Click "Issue Title"- here you will see all the departments you can submit an issue to.  Scroll down to 'County Administration" and select "#MyCountyofNewell Photo Contest". 

We look forward to seeing your entries this year!  Full contest details   Contest closes  March 16, 2018.



Now accepting funding applications from community based organizations that provide recreation services or may be undertaking recreation related initiatives in the Brooks and Cassils Area. Deadline is February 9th.

  Invitation to Submit Recreation Funding Applications ,County of Newell Division 5 & 10 – Brooks and Cassils Area

 2018-01-04  Westland Acres Poll



 Invitation to Submit Recreation Funding Applications ,County of Newell Division 6 – Bassano Area


 2017-12-20  PLEASE NOTE THIS HAS BEEN LIFTED (as of 10:30 am today)

The County of Newell has issued a Fire Advisory as of today at 8:00am.  Fires are allowed but public warning advising extreme caution is issued. (2017-12-14)
 Please be advised that TR240 East of HWY862 will be closed starting this evening for approximately 4 weeks while a bridge file is replaced . (2017-12-12)
 The Council of the County of Newell invites written applications from electors within the County who may wish
to sit as a member on one of the following Committees... more