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 Newell Foundation Life Lease Home Available



Simplify your 50 + living and maintain your independence in the Community of Bassano. 


1312 square foot duplex home - 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining, living room, in-suite laundry, storage and attached garage.  Hardwood floors and an open floor plan. 

Was $265,000.00 now available for $249,000.00

Individuals purchase the right to occupy the home and pay a monthly fee for maintenance, insurance, taxes and management. 92% of initial investment is refunded at the termination of residency.

Call the Newell Foundation today at (403) 363-2406 to view and find out more about becoming part of our welcoming community.

County of Newell Withdrawal from Regionalization Working Group Discussions 

During the September 5, 2019 Council Meeting, County of Newell Council formally passed a motion to withdraw from the Regionalization Working Group discussions.  Our focus will now turn to drafting the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) agreements with our neighbouring municipalities.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  Click here to view the full letter.

Help is on the Way.......BUT where are you?

Rural Municipal Addresses are unique to residences and businesses point of access from adjacent public roadway. Emergency services requires a specific address to pin point the emergency for dispatching purposes. Know your Rural Municipal Address (this is different than your legal land description). See more details...



Agricultural Services Video - Pesticide Control


See the fourth video in the series from the County of Newell's Agriculture Services Department.  Joe Entz, Maintenance Supervisor of Ag Services & Facilities discusses the various units the county has available for Pesticide Control.  See it on You Tube!


Urban Chicken Bylaw (2019-04-15)


Council has approved the urban chicken bylaw which now clears the way for land owners and tenants residing in all residential areas of the County to keep chickens, with the exception of Lake Newell Resort and areas zoned as direct control.  For more details please see the links below:


Urban Chicken Bylaw 1938-19


Urban Chicken License Application 





2019-04-09  Agriculture Services Video

Check out the new Ag Services video on YouTube - Catherine Christensen, Environmental Services Supervisor with the County of Newell discusses the Agriculture Services weed identification and control program. Click here to view video



2019-03-26  VIDEO - Agriculture Services and the County of Newell

Will Schaap, Manager of Agriculture Services with the County of Newell outlines the various Agriculture Services provided by the County, including weed identification, roadside mowing, and chemical weed control. Click here to view video.


2019-03-18  Agriculture Services in the County of Newell

Todd Green, Director of Agriculture Services with the County of Newell outlines the many services the County provides. 

2019-03-18  Newell Notify
Stay informed, sign up for Newell Notify to receive a notification via, phone, email or text. You select what you want to receive- road closures,County News,Tenders,etc.  Read more about it and sign up for the info you would like us to send you.  



2019-03-11  Richardson Ground Squirrel 

With Spring on its way, the gophers will soon be emerging from their holes. Early control of infestations is the most effective. For control options available, please call your County Agricultural Services Department 403-362-3266.


2019-03-06  Environmental stewardship and climate change - Producer Grant program

Grazing management -manure & Livestock facilities management -agriculture input and waste management click here for more information


2019-02-07 PACE for Homeowners

The County of Newell is looking into a PACE program for it's taxpayers.  Property Assessed Clean Energy, better known as PACE, is a financing innovation that has revolutionized the way property owners upgrade  their home and businesses.  Pace financing programs allow homeowners to fund 100% of the upfront cost of energy and resource improvements to their homes and repay financing over time through their taxes.  Learn More...
- Pace Information sheet 
- Pace Alberta Website
- Complete our PACE survey



In an effort to provide transportation to residents seeking medical and other services in Medicine Hat, the municipalities in the Brooks Region have collaborated on a regional transportation pilot project. Transportation will not be limited to medical services, however, medical bookings will take priority. The pilot project is funded through a Government of Alberta Regional Collaboration Grant. 
- Media Release - Regional Transportation
- Regional Transportation Brochure
- Regional Transportation Fact Sheet
- Regional Transportation Guidebook



2018-12-14  Webinar - Herbicide Resistance 

We all know about resistance but it is growing problem and becoming a serious issue in some areas of the province. There are more weed control tools than herbicides in your tool box.  If you missed this recent webinar- you can watch the recording here.  WATCH VIDEO


2018-11-19 Farm Health & Safety Producer Grant

Grant available to help offset some of the costs employers may incur in complying with OHS regulations for farms and ranches, which takes effect Dec.1,2018.

Click here for more details


2018-11-19 Alberta Environmental Farm Plan

The Environmental Farm Plan is a voluntary,whole farm, self-assessment tool that helps producers identify their environmental risks and develop plans to mitigate identified risks. For questions or to sign up please call 794-2293. click here for more details


2018-10-19  Shelter Belt Program

There is funding available for the establishment of permanent shelterbelts through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) program-Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change- Producer.  For more information see links below and click here to see the CAP website

Please call the County of Newell Environmental Services Supervisor, Catherine Christensen at 403-362-3266 ext 2293
Shelterbelt Overview
Shelterbelt Planning, Planting & Maintenance
Shelterbelt Workbook

2018-10-17  You can now trim your Elm Trees!

The only time it is legal to prune elms in Alberta is between October 1 and March 31. This is when the elm bark beetles, responsible for spreading the deadly DED fungus, are not active. Click here to see more information on the Elm pruning ban.


2018-10-17  Cannibis in the County - Know the Bylaw (1930-18)

According to federal law, the possession and consumption of cannabis may be legal, but all County residents and visitors need to understand that County Bylaw 1930-18 prohibits the consumption of cannabis in all public places throughout the County.  Click here to view the Bylaw (1930-18)


2018-09-19 On-Farm Solar Photovoltaics ( OFSPV) Program



-The Solar PV program has a $3.5 M budget for 2018-19
-The program has received over 68 applications to date
-The program has approved less than $2M in applications, so we have over $1.5M still to allocate, and another $3.5 M next fiscal year.
click here for more information

2018-09-19   Farm Energy and Agri-Processing (FEAP) Program


• The producer FEAP program has a $13.5 M budget for 2018-19

• The program has received over 670 applications to date

• Even if we approved everything in the queue we would have over $2.5M still available and another $13.5 M for next fiscal year.

click here for more information 



2018-09-11 Fire Safety- smoking

Never throw out cigarettes into vegetation, landscaping, peat moss, dried grasses, mulch, leaves, garbage and other similar items - they can easily catch fire.See more...





2018-08-27  Obsolete Pesticide Collection Program

Farmers can safely dispose of unwanted agricultural pesticides and equine/livestock medications at a designated collection site from October 22 – 26.  Brooks collection site is at  CPS on 26OCT.   See more . . .



2018-08-21 -Local Crime Map

The County of Newell has joined with other municipalities to show local crime maps to raise awareness about property crime in the area. This will also facilitate interagency collaboration.

Crimes listed will include theft of/from a motor vehicle, break & enter, mischief and missing persons. If there is an emergency such as a school lockdown, a flag will show up on the map for a brief period of time.

You can view the crime map for our area on the County of Newell Website...


2018-07-30  Obsolete Pesticide Collection Program

Farmers can safely dispose of unwanted agricultural pesticides and equine/livestock medications at a designated collection site from October 22 – 26


Brooks collection site is at  CPS on 26OCT.   See more . . .


2018-06-21 Fraud Alert from the Alberta Fire Commissioner

In recent weeks several fire departments in the province and their communities have been the subject of fraudulent fundraising activities.  Individuals have been calling residents of the communities and identifying themselves as a member of the local fire department.  The caller would then advise the resident that they were conducting fundraising efforts for the fire department and seeking cash donations.  In all reported instances, the fire departments mentioned were not conducting any fundraising and they do not raise funds in this manner.  The fire departments involved have notified the RCMP and/or Municipal Police and I understand investigations are ongoing.

If our local fire departments are conducting any fundraising activities, they will ensure that messaging is developed to create awareness of those activities for your residents and local media.  The messaging will include contact information so that anyone having any questions or concerns can contact and discuss them with fire department officials.  


When you sign up for Newell Notify you will be notified in case of local emergency... but you can also select other County of Newell information/updates you would like to receive.  Sign up before 15JUN to be entered into a draw for a two-night stay at Emerson Bridge.

2018-04-27-  STATEMENT OF CLARIFICATION on behalf of Alberta Environment

TDL’s are not the correct authorization for dewatering. An application for an approval under the Water Act must be submitted in accordance with the information requirements of the Dewatering fact sheet.  See more...

2018-04-20 Canadian Agricultural Partnership & Environmental Farm Plan

In Alberta, CAP will deliver programs developed in consultation with stakeholders, and is organized under five themes: Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change; Products, Market Growth and Diversification; Science and Research; Risk Management; and Public Trust.  more...

If you are applying for a grant- you will require a current Environmental Farm Plan. The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a voluntary, whole farm, self-assessment tool that helps producers identify their environmental risks and develop plans to mitigate identified risks. We are working together with farmers committed to environmental stewardship.  more...

For more information please contact Ag Services at the County of Newell. 
Catherine Christensen 403-794-2293 or email 

2018-02-12 Alberta Environmental Farm Plan Renewal Period

As of April 1st, 2018, decided by the Alberta EFP Stakeholder Advisory Committee, producers that have previously completed an Environmental Farm Plan will need to have an EFP completion letter dated within the last 10 years. This letter is necessary to be considered current and eligible for cost-share funding with the Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change programs of the Canadian Agriculture Partnership (CAP).  more...