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In Partnership with Alberta Transportation
The Focus for May Will Be On Motorcycle Safety

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  • Following too closely, running of the road and left turns across the path of oncoming traffic were the most frequently identified improper driving actions that contributed to casualty collisions.
  • Compared to drivers involved in total casualty collisions, motorcycle drivers were more likely to run off the road, pass improperly, or make an improper turn. However, motorcycle drivers were less likely to follow too closely, make an unsafe left turn or commit a stop sign violation.
  • Compared to drivers involved in all types of vehicle casualty collisions, motorcycle drivers were more likely to have consumed alcohol before the crash.
  • Vehicle factors were identified for 3.2% of motorcycles involved in casualty collisions compared to 0.8% for all types of vehicles involved in casualty collisions.
  • The majority of casualty collisions involving motorcycles occurred on dry roads.


  • Ride defensively
  • Do not drink and drive
  • Stay out of other driver’s blind spots
  • Be aware of road and weather conditions

Click the link here for Alberta Transportation "Rider’s Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing”