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In Partnership with Alberta Transportation
The Focus for June Will Be Commerical/Passenger Vehicle Safety

Click here to view the 2018 Alberta Transportation Traffic Safety Calendar

Did you know:

  • Occupants in a passenger vehicle are more likely to be injured/killed in a crash with a largeer vehicle than the occupants of the larger vehicle.
  • In 2016, 1.6% of vehicles involved in a casualty collision were tractor-trailers.
  • Running off the road and following too closely were the most common driving errors on the part of the truck tractor driver in casualty collisions.


  • Avoid driving beside a large truck for any length of time
  • Remember that trucks are not large cars, they take longer to stop than a passenger vehicle.
  • If you are behind a large truck at a stop sign or light, try and leave at least three meters between your vehicle and the rear of the truck.
  • Leave at least three metres between your vehicle and the rear of the truck stopped at a light or stop sign.
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