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As the weather gets warmer and the ground begins to thaw, motorists may notice soft spots on County roads. These imperfections are known as frost boils, which are caused by the melting and release of subsurface water.

Frost boils are a common problem on both gravel and paved roads throughout urban and rural settings. They usually begin to appear towards the end of March and stick around until the ground is completely thawed (towards the end of May).

Fun Fact! The County uses budgeted funds annually to improve roadside drainage to prevent future frost boils. When a frost boil appears, we take measures to notify motorists but flagging the location. Major spots are monitored, graded regularly, and more gravel is applied for additional stability.

If you do come across a frost boil, we ask that you report the location to Municipal Services through Newell Connect or by contacting the office at 403-794-2311.

Frost Boil - 2017.jpg