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Spring is in the air which means the bees are buzzing and leaving the comfort of their hives to begin pollinating and gathering nectar. 

Did you know bees are attracted to scents and colours?  To avoid attracting these little honey makers, don’t use fragrances (hair spray, scented soaps, lotions, etc.) or wear bright colours (especially floral patterns) when out and about.  Bee (LOL, get it) very careful with food and drinks, bees are notorious for climbing into pop cans.

If a bee does land on you, don’t panic.  Try and hold still until the bee moves on.  If it doesn’t try blowing on it gently, this will encourage it to find a new location.

Yes, bees can be bothersome, but they do play important roles in our agricultural and economic communities. Due to the nature of our rural landscape, bees are not restricted under the County’s Animal Control Bylaw. However, the province does have legislation (The Bee Act) in place for the apiculture/beekeeping industry.