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Public Notice is hereby given that the Agricultural Service Board of the County of Newell intends to conduct pesticide control and mowing activities during the spring and summer of 2017.

The County’s Roadside Vegetation Control Program is aimed at meeting five objectives:

  1. Allow clear sight lines to signs and intersections;
  2. Reduce snow accumulation;
  3. Promote road drainage and drying;
  4. Facilitate snow removal;
  5. Control weeds (Prevent spread)

The program outlined below deals with vegetation control through the application of recommended vegetation control chemicals. The County also uses protective cultural practices to control weeds, where practical, which also includes mowing.

The 2017 Program deals with controlling weeds on County rights-of-way, County-owned land as well as work within the Town of Bassano, and the City of Brooks. The projected dates of pesticide application will be May 15th to October 15th. The herbicides to be used include:

  • 2, 4D Ester LV700
  • 2, 4D Amine 600
  • Oracle, RT 540
  • Lontrel 36
  • Garlon XRT
  • Turboprop or Estaprop
  • Milestone
  • Clearview
  • Sightline
  • Esplanade
  • Overdrive
  • Par III.

This year, spray efforts will be focussed South of Highway #1, but spot spraying on an “as needed basis” will be done North of the #1 Highway. In addition, spraying may be completed for noxious and prohibited noxious weeds along the Bow River.

Any residents who DO NOT wish to have areas sprayed adjacent to their land must fill out a NO-SPRAY Application Form BY MAY 15th and post signs. These are available at the County of Newell office.

All pesticides and procedures used, comply with Federally approved label recommendations and regulations set out by Alberta Agriculture, Food & Rural Development, and Alberta Environmental Protection.

The 2017 Roadside Mowing Program will begin June 12th and will include all developed County rights-of-ways. Anyone wishing to hay a portion of the right-of-way must fill out a Haying Permit by June 1, 2017.

If you have any questions or concerns about the County’s Vegetation Control Program, please contact the Director of Agricultural Services at 403-794-2336.

County of Newell, Agricultural Service Board.

The County of Newell has received the Alberta Traffic Safety Fund Grant for 2017 to raise awareness about speeding and its direct correlation with public safety. 

The County's Municipal Enforcements Department will mainly focus on 30km/hr (playground/school) and 50km/hr zones. The campaign is designed to promote both motorists and pedestrian safety in these areas by utilizing speed detection devices throughout the County to collect traffic data. The information collected will help the County of Newell Municipal Enforcement Department to get a better understanding of when and where higher traffic volume exists and when and where speeds are an issue.

This project will run from March 22, 2017, until September 22, 2017. To promote safety, education, and transparency to the public, we will be posting on our web page and throughout our social media pages when and where the signs will be placed.



2017 Summer Games LOGO CLRThe City of Brooks and the County of Newell are once again proud to be hosting the 48th Annual Southern Alberta Summer Games!

From July 5 -8, 2017, athletes, coaches, and spectators from across Southern Alberta will be visiting our region to participate in various activities, such as baseball, soccer, and swimming.

The County of Newell is honored to be a part of this event and looks forward to showcasing the hospitality and facilities that make our region a great place to be.

More details about the games will be available in the future.  If you are interested in volunteering at the games, there are several positions available. 

Contact the City of Brooks Recreation Services Department for more information.


In response to enquiries received, County Council is requesting feedback from residents and/or property owners within County Hamlets or Rural Residential Subdivisions regarding the issue of keeping chickens in residential areas. The County’s current animal control bylaw restricts that activity.

Before Council formally considers whether or not changes that would provide for keeping chickens within residential areas should be implemented, Council has requested that feedback be received from those that may be directly affected.

Your feedback can be submitted by either


Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

Appreciation is expressed for the time and consideration given to providing your input on this issue.

Public Interest Information on Keeping Chickens:

Current situation within the County. – Keeping chickens and other animals within residential areas of the County is regulated through the County’s Animal Control Bylaw (No. 1720-11). The bylaw currently prohibits keeping chickens on residential parcels that are less than one (1) acre (.4047 hectares) in size.

Recent developments in other jurisdictions. – A number of urban municipalities within Alberta (including Edmonton, Red Deer and Okotoks), have approved bylaws that provide for keeping chickens in urban residential areas under strict conditions. A number of larger municipalities in other provinces have also approved bylaws that allow this practice under strict conditions.

Locations other than small parcel Residential Land Use Districts. - No restrictions apply for keeping chickens within the County’s agricultural land use district. The current bylaw also allows for a limited number of chickens to be kept in residential areas where the parcel size is larger than one acre.

Chicken Production Related Information – An online search will generate an abundance of information sources that should provide answers for most questions that may arise pertaining to back yard chicken production.   Information regarding basic questions is summarized below. Individuals that have additional questions are encouraged to undertake further research in order to make an informed decision regarding their position on this issue.

How many chickens are required to fill the need for eggs? A healthy hen can lay up to one egg a day during peak periods, but they are not able to sustain that production over an entire year. Egg production is often reduced significantly or stops all together during the winter months. The number of eggs produced over the life of a hen is influenced by several factors that include age, feed, and light conditions. Nesting boxes should be provided as a location for hens to lay their eggs.

Reproduction Information: Hens can produce eggs without a rooster being present. Roosters are required if the intent is to incubate and hatch eggs to produce chicks.

What is the life span of a healthy chicken? Sources state the life span of a healthy chicken is 8 – 10 yrs.

At what age do chickens begin laying eggs? A chicken reaches maturity and can start laying eggs around 20 weeks (5 months).

Acquiring and caring for chickens: Baby chicks can be ordered through retail farm supply centers. Owners must be ready to care for them as soon as they are shipped to the retail location. The care and inputs required during the early life stage is higher than the care required for mature chickens. Feed requirements vary with age and range from starter ration to various food sources that mature chickens can digest. Chickens should be kept within a secure and sheltered enclosure to protect them from predators, and severe weather conditions. Dead chickens cannot be disposed of with household garbage so owners need to be prepared to dispose of them in the same manner as other deceased pets.

A County of Newell Fire Permit is FREE of charge and MANDATORY to have if you plan on doing any burning.  Failure to do so may result in fines as per section 23 of Fire Bylaw 1839-15

In addition to that, if you are found guilty of an offense under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act (effective December 9, 2016), you could be facing a fine of up to $100,000.00 or two years imprisonment or both for an individual or up to $1,000,000.00 for a corporation.

Fire Permits can be obtained from the County of Newell Office during business hours or from a Fire Guardian (your local area Fire Chief) and they must be countersigned by a Fire Guardian before it is valid.

We can also do them over the phone, provided that you have an e-mail address or fax number so that we can send the fully-signed permit back to you.

Click here for more information regarding Fire Permits and what you can and cannot burn.


Official Press Releases by the County of Newell