The Region of Newell (which includes all the municipalities within the region) is home to a number of different industries.   According to the 2011 Canadian Federal Census, the top five industry employers were:

Industry Category Number of Employees
Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction 1985
Manufacturing 1860
Educational Services 1075
Agriculture 1025
Retail Trade   995

The Region of Newell top five industry wealth generators in 2011 are:

Industry Category Estimated Wealth Generation Industry Percent of
Region of Newell
Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction $2,002,577,650 29.3%
Manufacturing $1,172,733,329 17.2%
Wholesale Trade $987,749,265 14.4%
Utilities $854,694,614 12.5%
Construction $286,664,662 4.2%

For more detailed information on the industry in the Region of Newell view our "Exploring Southeast Alberta Industry" Report,  a comparative analysis of industry in southeast Alberta by revenues per capita, employment numbers, and returns on production and to economy.