Number Title Date Adopted Motion Supercedes
2014-PIN-002 Policy Development & Adoption 2014-01-09 C-13/14 0000-PIN-002
2014-PIN-003 Policy Review & Evaluation 2014-01-09 C-13/14 2008-PIN-003
2014-PIN-004 Policy Dissemination 2014-01-09 C-13/14 2008-PIN-004
0000-PAD-003 Organizational Chart 2016-01-07 n/a n/a
2014-PAD-011 Disposal of County Assets 2014-09-11 C-287/14 2008-PAD-011
2014-PAD-019 Accounts Receivable - Overdue 2014-09-11 C-288/14 2008-PAD-019
2014-PAD-023 Substance Abuse 2014-02-20 C-68/14 2008-PAD-023
2012-PAD-024 Accidents - Disciplining for Failure to Report 2012-09-20 C-286/12 2008-PAD-024
2008-PAD-025 Operating Function Budget & Budget Line Over-Expenditure 2008-09-08 W-69/08 1999-PAD-025
2012-PAD-026 Access to Information 2012-06-07 C-184/12 2008-PAD-026
2016-PAD-028 Responding to Concerns & Complaints 2016-09-22 C-306/16 2008-PAD-028
2014-PAD-029 Tender Process 2014-04-10 C-143/14 2008-PAD-029
2014-PAD-032 Investment 2014-09-11 C-289/14 2008-PAD-032
2011-PAD-048 Cell Phone Free Driving 2011-03-10 C-81/11 2008-PAD-048
2012-PAD-049 Risk Control 2012-11-22 C-354/12 2008-PAD-049
2008-PAD-050 Fire Truck Donations 2008-10-06 W-101/08 2007-PAD-050
2011-PAD-051 Purchasing 2011-09-08 C-304/11 2008-PAD-051
2012-PAD-052 Assessment & Guidelines for Off-Site & Development Levies 2012-09-20 C-286/12 2008-PAD-052
2009-PAD-054 Staff Relations Committee 2009-05-07 C-150/09 n/a
2014-PAD-055 Tangible Capital Assets 2014-02-06 C-54/14 2010-PAD-055
2014-PAD-056 Information Technology 2014-05-22 C-184/14 2010-PAD-056
2016-PAD-057 Municipal Reserve Dedication 2016-06-09 C-194/16 2010-PAD-057
2011-PAD-058 Flag 2011-11-25 C-395/11 n/a
2016-PAD-059 Personnel 2016-10-06 C-322/16 2012-PAD-059
2014-PAD-060 Social Media 2014-02-20 C-68/14 2011-PAD-060
2012-PAD-061 Graphics Standards 2012-04-05 C-111/12 n/a
2017-PAD-062 Restricted Surplus 2017-03-17 C-63/17 2012-PAD-062
2012-PAD-063 Private Sewage Disposal System Permit Procedure 2012-10-11 C-311/12 n/a
2012-PAD-064 Municipal Land - Sales, Leasing, Permits 2012-10-11 C-312/12 n/a
2014-PAD-065 IT Network Security 2014-05-22 C-184/14 n/a
2014-PAD-066 IT Equipment & Software Purchasing & Deployment Protocols 2014-05-22 C-184/14 n/a
2014-PAD-067 Data Backup 2014-05-22 C-184/14 n/a
2014-PAD-068 IT Server & System Maintenance 2014-05-22 C-184/14 n/a
2015-PAD-069 Mobile Device Management 2015-12-10 C-432/15 2014-PAD-069
2014-PAD-070 Employee Owned Electronic Devices 2014-07-24 C-251/14 n/a
2014-PAD-071 Art & Visual Displays in the County Building 2014-09-11 C-285/14 n/a
2015-PAD-072 GIS Data Management 2015-11-05 C-399/15 n/a
Agricultural Services    
2016-PAG-001 Shelterbelt Program 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2013-PAG-001
2016-PAG-004 Agricultural Service Board Mandate 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2013-PAG-004
2016-PAG-010 Private Weed Control 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2014-PAG-010
2013-PAG-011 Rabies Support 2013-12-19 C-423/13 2013-PAG-011
2016-PAG-020 Weed Control - Roadside 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2014-PAG-020
2016-PAG-022 Rental Equipment 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2014-PAG-022
2016-PAG-023 Bacterial Ringrot - Inspection & Control 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2014-PAG-023
2017-PAG-024 Coyote Control Incentive Program (CCIP) 2017-01-19 C-20/17 2016-PAG-024
2016-PAG-025 Grass Seeding 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2014-PAG-025
2016-PAG-026 Mowing 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2014-PAG-026
2013-PAG-027 Pest Control 2013-12-19 C-423/13 2012-PAG-027
2016-PAG-028 Seed Cleaning Plant Inspections 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2013-PAG-028
2016-PAG-029 Rural Beautification Awards 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2014-PAG-029
2016-PAG-030 Roadside Brush Control 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2014-PAG-030
2016-PAG-031 Emerson Bridge Park 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2013-PAG-031
2016-PAG-032 Sale of Strychnine (2% LSC) & Phostoxin Tablets 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2013-PAG-032
2016-PAG-033 100 Year Farm Awards 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2014-PAG-033
2016-PAG-034 Clubroot - Inspection & Control 2016-11-24 C-372/16 2014-PAG-034
Community Peace Officers    
2016-CPO-001 Code of Conduct - Community Peace Officers 2016-02-11 C-53/16 2012-CPO-001
2016-CPO-002 Complaints Against Community Peace Officers 2016-02-11 C-53/16 2012-CPO-002
2016-CPO-003 Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Spray – Use of 2016-02-11 C-53/16 2012-CPO-003
2016-CPO-004 Baton – Use of 2016-02-11 C-53/16 2012-CPO-004
2016-CPO-005 Records Management System, Operational Records System, & Records Retention 2016-02-11 C-53/16 2012-CPO-005
2016-CPO-006 Emergency Response/Pursuit 2016-12-22 C-415/16 2016-CPO-006 (2016-02-11)
Fire & Emergency Services    
2012-FES-001 Rolling Hills Fire Hydrants 2012-07-19 C-237/12 n/a
2013-FES-002 Tilley Fire Hydrants 2013-12-19 C-421/13 n/a
Health & Safety    
2014-PHS-001 Health & Safety 2014-02-06 C-50/14 2010-PHS-001
2012-PLG-001 Pins 2012-06-07 C-184/12 2008-PLG-001
2013-PLG-002 Advertising of Council & Committee Meetings 2013-12-05 C-392/13 2008-PLG-002
2008-PLG-003 Committee Meeting Minutes 2008-12-08 W-146/08 1995-PLG-003
2009-PLG-005 Salary Negotiating Committee 2009-01-05 W-05/09 1998-PLG-005
2008-PLG-006 Spouses - Payment of Fees at Conventions 2008-12-08 W-150/08 1998-PLG-006
2008-PLG-007 Signatures on Correspondence 2008-12-08 W-151/08 1998-PLG-007
2013-PLG-009 Recognition of Service - Volunteers 2013-12-05 C-392/13 2008-PLG-009
2010-PLG-011 Electronic Recording of County Meetings 2010-03-25 C-125/10 2008-PLG-011
2008-PLG-012 Committee/Board Member at Large Compensation 2008-12-08 W-156/08 2005-PLG-012
2012-PLG-013 Councillor Compensation Review Committee 2012-09-20 C-286/12 2008-PLG-013
2017-PLG-014 Councillor's Compensation & Expenses 2017-01-05 C-05/17 2016-PLG-014
2008-PLG-015 Political Council Delegations 2008-01-10 C-09/08 n/a
2008-PLG-016 Caps & Hats in Council Chambers 2008-01-29 C-27/08 n/a
2015-PLG-018 Staff Membership on External Agencies, Boards, & Committees 2015-11-05 C-403/15 n/a
Mini Bus    
2012-BUS-001 Mini Bus Service - Operating 2012-12-06 C-366/12 n/a
2012-BUS-002 Mini Bus Service - Extra Curricular Use 2012-12-06 C-366/12 n/a
Public Works    
2013-PPW-001 Moving of Over-Dimensional &/or Overweight Loads 2013-12-05 C-399/13 2012-PPW-001
2014-PPW-007 Texas Gates 2014-01-23 C-36/14 2012-PPW-007
2014-PPW-008 Sale of Equipment by Employees to County 2014-01-23 C-36/14 2012-PPW-008
2013-PPW-011 Equipment - Use of 2013-12-05 C-399/13 2012-PPW-011
2013-PPW-016 Grader Sites 2013-12-05 C-399/13 2012-PPW-016
2014-PPW-018 Snow Plowing & Sanding 2014-10-23 C-342/14 2009-PPW-018
2016-PPW-022 Road Allowance Closure Process 2016-09-22 C305/16 2015-PPW-022
2014-PPW-025 Aggregate Management 2014-10-23 C-342/14 2014-PPW-025
2013-PPW-026 Road Standards 2013-12-05 C-399/13 2012-PPW-026
2014-PPW-032 Shop - Use of County Shop 2014-01-23 C-36/14 2014-PPW-032
2014-PPW-033 Signs 2014-01-23 C-36/14 2012-PPW-033
2014-PPW-035 Road Approaches 2014-01-23 C-36/14 2012-PPW-035
2014-PPW-039 Community Identification 2014-01-23 C-36/14 2011-PPW-039
2014-PPW-044 Road & Pipeline Crossings 2014-01-23 C-36/14 2012-PPW-044
2013-PPW-052 Dust Abatement (Calcium) Program - Non-Residential 2013-12-05 C-399/13 2013-PPW-052
2013-PPW-053 Dust Abatement (Calcium) Program - Residential 2013-12-05 C-399/13 2013-PPW-053
2014-PPW-054 Road Maintenance 2014-10-23 C-342/14 2008-PPW-054
2013-PPW-055 Kinbrook Island Park Road Maintenance 2013-12-05 C-399/13 2012-PPW-055
2013-PPW-056 Roads - Construction on Road Allowances at the Request of Individuals 2013-12-05 C-399/13 2012-PPW-056
2016-PPW-057 Hamlet Services 2016-03-24 C-91/16 2007-PPW-057
2013-PPW-058 Old School Site Signs 2013-12-05 C-399/13 2013-PPW-058
2013-PPW-059 Construction Projects & Resulting Landowner Compensation 2013-12-05 C-399/13 2012-PPW-059
2014-PPW-060 Drainage - County/EID Joint Projects 2014-01-23 C-36/14 2012-PPW-060
2014-PPW-061 Road Construction within a County Road Allowance at Time of Subdivision or Development 2014-08-07 C-264/14 n/a
2015-PPW-062 Tow or Recovery 2015-10-22 C-375/15 n/a